How You Can Improve Telehealth with Your EHR Technology

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We are living in an era where anything digital and remote is a more preferred consumer model. Physicians, healthcare providers, and companies are having to either embrace the changing healthcare delivery approaches availed by the internet or run the risk of being left behind by the train that is digital health.

The Potential of Telehealth for Players in The Healthcare Industry

In keeping up with the ever-shifting care demands, telemedicine companies and the medical community, in general, are looking to continue tapping into the growing wealth of the potential lying in the provision of remote health care services. Since it appears that telehealth will be here for some time, care providers are increasingly looking to get their hands on telehealth platforms. The reason behind this is that having a telehealth platform offers the perfect opportunity for care providers to take healthcare closer home to patients. On the other hand, the patients relish the convenience of accessing telehealth care from the comfort of their homes through video platforms. Custom Healthcare Software Development Portland will provide you with accurate solutions.

Strengthening Your Relationships with Patients Through Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records take into account all clinical data relevant to a particular patient besides the fact that the patient’s progress is captured. So doing, allows for improvement in the delivery of care to patients. Your EHR system allows you to collate and access patients’ medical history, thus capacitating you to prescribe the right medication patients require safely. An EHR system is therefore essential in the delivery of better care and subsequently, build you stronger relationships with your patients.

How Merging Your EHR with A Telehealth Platform Benefits You as A Healthcare Provider

  • You and Your Visiting Patients Enjoy a Smoother, More Direct Virtual Experience. 

Merging telehealth technology capabilities with your EHR system gives your real-time access to patient health records, thus facilitating patient diagnosis. In contrast, your patients receive a current diagnosis on their health records at the other end.

  • You Can Validate the Insurance Information of Patients.

When you have integrated your telehealth and EHR systems, it becomes easier to authenticate eligible patients that have cover for the various forms of virtual consultation you offer.

  • Merging EHR with Your Telehealth Platform Facilitates the Secure Exchange of Patient Data. 

Integrating your EHR and telehealth system facilitates seamless information sharing eliminating the need for duplicate data entries into the two systems.

At Zeal Tech, we believe the future of healthcare provision is tied to advancement in technology and will revolve around the latest virtual patient care technologies made available to the industry and are focused to walk with you every step of the way. Are you looking to take advantage of cost-effective Custom Healthcare Software Development Portland that will improve patient care? Zeal Tech is here to help.

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