Gamification is Leading The Revolution in Healthcare

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Gamification is Leading The Revolution in Healthcare

Gamification is adding game mechanics to a non-gaming environment like a website or an online community to increase participation and performance. Game mechanics include examples like rewards, tokens, badges, and points which are used to engage people in a gamification program by encouraging them to progress through the levels. They also provide tangible feedback and keeps the motivation factor alive. Game dynamics are a set of emotions and behaviors that people exhibit when engaging in a gaming platform, for example competition through leaderboards and collaborating by completing team missions.

Gamification In Healthcare

To improve our health we need constant motivation to change our behaviors. Technology and gamification can be powerful tools that can keep us motivated to stick to our goals longer. Here are few examples where gamification is leading the way in transforming our behavior and motivation to achieve our health goals:

Physical Fitness

  • Fitbit has an online community that creates various challenges that motivates its users. People monitor their progress by keeping track of their steps throughout the day. This creates an underlying competition which can lead to better gym attendance and performance. 
  • Blue Shield California is a not-for-profit insurer makes wellness fun through social media. This led to 80% employee participation and 50% drop in smoking prevalence.
  • CafeWell allows people to create personalized programs to meet their nutrition and health goals.
  • Pact is a program in which, if you are not able to meet your fitness goals, then you contribute money to a fund that rewards members who achieve them.

Medication Management

Mango Health is a smartphone app that motivates patients to take their meds on time.  Bayer’s Didget blood glucose meter connects to Nintendo DS and rewards kids (age 4 to 14) for consistent blood glucose testing. mySugr, an app made by an Austrian company has over a million users and uses games and rewards for monitoring blood glucose levels in kids and adults.

Gamification For Kids

Gamification is a great way to address variety of health related challenges with kids. Monster Guard, an app developed by American Red Cross for kids, teaches them how to respond during emergencies like hurricanes, floods, house fires, and other disasters. Apps like Vivofit jr and LeapBand monitor physical activity of kids by tracking their steps. They hand variety of virtual rewards which keeps the kids moving and motivated.

Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation

Gamified therapies can make rehab fun, motivating and can provide great diversion from pain. After a serious accident even simple chores can seem daunting and overwhelming. SCI Hard gaming app developed by University of Michigan makes the rehab process fun, purposeful and engaging. MindMaze devices uses virtual reality to retrain the brain after a stroke or brain trauma.

In the healthcare field the main challenge of optimum outcome is 100% patient compliance with any form of therapy. Gamified therapies offers a technological revolution in creating patient motivation and compliance. Well designed gaming therapeutics offers the right balance of all the components to command consistent commitment from the user.

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