IOT Software Development

Internet of Things is a system of interconnected devices where all of the objects are connected via the internet. By using embedded sensors, processors or other ways of communication, ie: BLE, WiFi, iBeacon, RFID, etc. the devices linked can collect and share data bringing value to the consumers.

Zeal Tech can help with developing IoT projects from the ground up or refine an exiting application or incorporate your solution into an existing infastructure.

Based on your application we can get the right team together with industry experts offering services from consultation to development for the project.

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IoT Software Development Services

Custom IoT Application Development
Embedded Software Programming
Firmware & API Development
IoT Gateway Development
IoT Data Analysis
IoT Consulting Services
Cloud Server Deployment
Voice Enabled Solutions

IoT Expertise

Smart Home & Office

Data Analysis, data analytics, customer engagement solutions.


Data Analysis, vital signs data capture, biometrics and more.


Patient monitoring, safety monitoring, legacy tasks and more.

Banking & Payments

Personalized experience, improve efficiencies, data analysis and more.

With over 6 years of experience in creating financial solutions we can help with development of any type of project from start through ongoing support whether this be as contract base or staff augmentation. We look forward to hearing form you.

We are a full service software development agency combining the best talent from around the world to provide our clients with and unforgettable experience.

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