Custom Software Development

We design custom software solutions for various industries, integration with third party systems, software automation testing, ongoing maintenance and support.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Software development using templates as a base, from scratch development, supporting Hybrid App Development (ie: Ionicframework), Hybrid Native (Ie: React Native, Xamarin), Native (Java/Kotlin, Swift iOS).  Depending on your project we can provide options for you to choose from.

Custom Web Application Development

Customize existing web applications, UI/UX Design, Consulting Services, QA Testing, Custom Websites, SAAS Development, API Development, API Integrations, Support and Maintenance.

Custom Software Design & Testing

Custom design for software applications, automation testing using specialized frameworks to test software where manual testing is not possible.  Reduce cost, improve accuracy and shorten the delivery time.  Some of the automation technologies used include:  selenium, appium, junit, amongst various others.

Custom Software Support

Ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, stability monitoring, system enhancements and upgrades, re-engineering software to meet the changes in the industry, migration to another platform, end-user support (online chats, ticketing), dedicated support teams available to hire.

Centralized and Decentralized Solutions

With data breaches, more and more remote work we have options for centralized and decentralized custom software solutions.

Custom Application Development Services Offered


Online Learning Management System


Customize existing eLearning Solutions, Custom eLearning solutions based on your specifications.

  • eLearning
  • Healthcare Software Development Portland


    Custom healthcare development, integration with third-party systems, secure data storage, big data and analytics.

  • Healthcare
  • Decentralized APP Developer Portland


    Payment solutions, financial analytics, healthcare financial, personal finance, e-document management, ecommerce solutions and custom extensions for ecommerce platforms.

  • Financial
  • Voice & Speech

    Voice self service solutions, speech recognition, voice control, speech analytics, speaker diarization, language processing, voice biometrics, speech synthesis, and speech assessment.

  • Voice & Speech
  • IOT

    Custom IoT development, embedded software programming, firmware and API development, gateway development, data analytics, server setup and deployment, voice enabled solutions.

  • IOT
  • Telecommunications

    Custom development, third party integrations, testing services, calling systems, VOIP solutions, Video Streaming, and more.

  • Telecommunications
  • Ecommerce

    Custom ecommerce solutions for retail, media, entertainment, gaming, advertising, finance, education, healthcare and others.  Mobile application development, store development (shopping cart development, online payment gateway integration, CMS and CRM solutions.)

  • Ecommerce
  • Automotive

    Repair management, job cost, parts management, AR management, technician tracking software, scheduling software.

  • Automotive
    • Solutions


      Decentralized application development, Etherium, Hyperledger, Polkadot

    • Blockchain
    • ERP

      Enterprise Resource Planning, manage your business and automate back office functions related to technology, services and HR.

    • ERP
    • CRM

      Integrations, migration to custom CRM solutions, custom development, maintenance, extension development.

    • CRM
    • LMS/LXP

      LMS/LXP development, modify existing solutions, migration to new systems, custom development, support, 3rd party integrations.

    • LMS/LXP
    • Chatbots

      Custom development, telegram, slack, azure bot service, facebook chatbot, google chatbot, chatbots (decentralized), and others.

    • Chatbots
    • EHR/EMR

      Hipaa/GDPR compliance, custom development, mobile development, specialty practices, PHR development, standardized health record development, billing, privacy & security, charting.

    • EHR/EMR
    • Social

      Social Network app development, mobile app development, game development, media development.

    • Social
      • Our Process

        • 1.
          Digital Audit

        • 2.
          Business Analysis / Risk Management

        • 3.
          Architecture & User Experience

        • 4.
          UI/UX Design and Strategy

        • 5.
          Front-end Coding

        • 6.
          Back-end Development

        • 7.
          Quality Assurance

        • 8.
          Support and Future Additions

        With 10+ years of experience in creating custom software solutions we can help with development of any type of project from start through ongoing support whether this be as contract base or staff augmentation. We look forward to hearing form you.

        We are a full service software development agency combining the best talent from around the world to provide our clients with and unforgettable experience.

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