A Win-Win Approach for Organizations and Employees through Game-Based Learning

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Game-based learning has become a top training strategy in modern-day’s digital world. An analysis done by the University of Colorado showed that students who adopted game-based learning ended up with 11% higher factual knowledge, 9% retention rate, and 14% skill-based knowledge.

Here’s how game-based learning can increase performance in your company:

1.  Gaming Gets You Hooked

Serious game-learning provides a new level of challenge to all learners, which helps them maintain motivation. Gamification is a skill development technique that maintains a balance between the game’s challenge and the learners’ skills. Hence, the level of difficulty depends on the learners’ progress, providing regular feedback for great engagement and understanding.

2.  Boosts Your Productivity

It’s not a secret that game dynamics enhance the employees’ productivity. The more motivated employees are, the more productive they become in the workplace. This leads to a spike in productivity because of a collaborative and relaxed working environment.

3.  Facilitates Efficient Knowledge Transfer

Gamification aids in knowledge transfer so that your staff can apply the skills and knowledge in the company and their daily lives. Game-based learning creates an objective-based environment for learners to choose their actions and mistakes without fearing the cost in a safe environment.

4.  Strengthens Communication Processes

The human resource department is responsible for executing the game-based techniques for the training of staff. The efforts are realized through the feedback they get from employees. Through this, there is improved internal communication between departments and a sense of belonging to the team.

5.  Introduces Innovative Dynamics

Thanks to game-based learning, companies have focused more on innovation as the leading project towards success. Gamification aids in skills development for both the employee and the company. Gamifying training tactics improves your company’s specific skills like communication, leadership, stress management, and negotiation skills.

Get Creative Around Your Company With Game-Based Learning Techniques

Understanding all game-based learning techniques, how and why it works, can transform your company. We strongly believe in the spirit of a game-based strategy for corporate training. For all your gamification needs, feel free to contact us today.

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