4 Trends that will define the eLearning Industry in 5 years

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recent survey by Global Market Insights showed that the E-learning market would hit $375 billion by 2026. This means that organizations can adopt tons of virtual learning techniques as new corporate training strategies to fuel expansion and growth. Here are some trends that will define the E-learning industry now and in the future.

1.     Interactive Video Learning

This is an engaging and flexible medium that has taken E-learning to new levels. Videos are a great just-in-time-learning aid as part of teaching support for the corporate learning environment. Video learning has enhanced interactivity through authoring tools and editing software such as embedded elements, direct downloads, quizzes, and branching.

2.     Mobile Learning

A CNBC study shows that 75% of the online population will have full access to the internet by 2025. The increase in mobile usage will improve learning and training content via mobile gadgets. To achieve this, it’s important to create courses that cater for every mobile user and ensure that the materials are flexible and responsive to permit publishing. Mobile learning has proven to be an effective technique for learners since they are used to working with them.

3.     Microlearning

In the current business environment, learners are short on attention spans and free time. Microlearning is here to bridge the gap. Microlearning can be done in different formats like pictures, text, or videos and is quite cheap to make. This trend is a quick solution that solves an urgent problem.

4.     Game-based Learning and Gamification

Gamification is among the latest and fast-growing e-learning trends that have started getting traction in recent years and is expected to expand more in the future. This trend enhances engagement and increases the overall ROI. Gamification helps corporate worldwide increase users’ engagement and enhance employees’ skills interactively and enjoyably.

Adopt E-Learning Trends That Will Move Your Company to the Next Level

The capacity to learn anytime anywhere is one of the more enticing aspects of e-learning. As such, you should adopt it to upskill your employees for business success. Contact us today for all your Online Education Systems Portland. Offering ready-made Learning Management Systems and Decentralized App Development Portland.

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