How To Adapt My Business To Blockchain

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Cryptocurrencies have been garnering a lot of attention over the past couple of years. By now, you probably have an idea of what they are and can even confidently throw around names like Bitcoin and Bitcoin. Despite the initial skepticism surrounding them, these currencies are slowly gaining acceptance, changing the whole concept of money as we know it.

But perhaps what puzzles most is the technology that goes behind these cryptocurrencies’ working – the Blockchain. People often wonder what exactly is this Blockchain, and how does it fit in it all.

To help shed a little light, here’s a quick rundown of what the technology is all about, as well as how you can integrate it into your business.

What Is Blockchain?

The simplest way to understand blockchain technology is to think of it as a big ledger, formed by continually growing blocks – records linked to each other securely using cryptography. The records are in turn stored in a record book or ledger, which is then stored simultaneously on thousands of home computers and business servers all across the world.

Any transaction that is entered is run through and authenticated by all these different computers, making it impossible to forge or change records.

How To Adapt Your Business To Blockchain

Get comprehensive knowledge about the technology

Ideally, the first thing you want to do before committing to any venture is to know as much as you can about it. And being fairly new and misunderstood technology, Blockchain is no exception. Having a baseline knowledge about it is imperative in making sure it is well integrated.

Therefore, do your research. Explore any new changes to the technology and consider where it can best be applied in your business. Luckily, there are a host of detailed guides, white papers, and articles out there written about Blockchain that will assist you with this.

Consult the experts

Of course, the basic information you can gather online about the technology is not nearly enough to have you implementing it on your own. For this, you are advised to hire a dedicated team of experts. These people have amassed vast amounts of information about the technology and its trends and can provide invaluable advice on what steps to take to overall ensure a seamless integration

Spot the areas to fit Blockchain in your business

The next step is finding out what areas of your business that Blockchain will fit best. In this case, consider each department. Go over the processes that go on in each and identify the ones that will run smoother with Blockchain. A simple way to do this is to look at your competitors and check how they do it. This way, you can get a head start for your company. Blockchain works especially well in monitoring transactions revolving around the supply chain.

Create awareness among your target market

The last and equally important step is informing your customers about the adoption of the technology. Help them understand how it will affect them, both positively and negatively. You want to address how Blockchain will offer better service, or save on time or costs, or any learning curve that the customer might have to deal with.


Blockchain is gradually finding its way into the mainstream, and now, it is evident that it is here to stay. Despite any confusion surrounding the technology, it is clear that adopting it will undoubtedly increase your business’s profitability, among other vast benefits.         

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